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    Use the simple table OFLAMERON for effective memorization of foreign words. Table small size allows remember to 500 foreign words per week.
    It seems like a simple crossword puzzle. The task will use a few foreign words - 4-6 words. Enough 1-2 intersections of the letters in the words. The teaching methodology uses a different principle.
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    Make a table OFLAMERON. Prepare 4 French words. The table will paint the cells that you will need to write French words. The color of the cells shows the number of letters in French words, and the point of intersection (common letters) words.
    The student is not available the French word (which he studies). A disciple knows only the English translation.
    Full view of the table OFLAMERON the sample

Foreign language

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    Such tables are easy to cook, because few "intersections" words. But for the disciple is not an easy task. The more words used, the harder the task.
    Next, show how to draw such a table in MS Word
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    (c) by Valery V Shmeleff
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