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    A free scenario that any user can add. The scenario is divided into episodes. Each episode of the scenario has a unique number. You must create a new unique number for your episode.
    The scenario is written in Russian. It is allowed to create new episodes, translate into other languages, publish in any way. You must save the name of the scenario and indicate the copyright of the author of the first episodes. You have copyright on the episodes you wrote.
    The scenario is built in the form of dialogues of participating persons. This allows you to maximally detail the events, the situation and the scene. The scenario presents the latest scientific achievements and announced future scientific discoveries.
    Valery Shmeleff
    Now you can find on the Internet different episodes of the scenario written by different authors.
    Board game for learning English. Download the image of the playing field and the rules of the game in document format Word (Rus). Print and playй.
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