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    A few simple guidelines for writing a successful screenplay. The most important thing is to choose the right plot. It should be original to the same extent as the original cake that your mother bakes according to her favorite recipe for the past thirty years. Spectators like to get old tastes with a new sauce or with a new filling.
    In the scenario, unlike other works of art, the action is as concentrated as possible. There is no place for deep reflections of the heroes and a thorough description of the landscapes. The scriptwriter must express all this through actions and dialogues, and the director will work on a beautiful "picture".

    In general terms, all the scenarios are the same - whether it's a full-length drama, a short meter, a cartoon or a commercial. They are built on a standard five-part structure, consisting of exposure, set, development, culmination and denouement, but differ in details. If you plan to make any profit from your idea, you need to define the goal at the start, determine the theme, genre and format of the film production.
    Screenwriting is creative work, but the film industry requires a formalized approach. Producers and directors did not have time to read huge volumes, so they developed a generally accepted system of "creative documentation", which allows us to understand at the initial stage whether it is worth undertaking a project. The main recommendations in this regard are contained in the documents of the Writers Guild of America, which sets the "fashion" around the world.
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    The source text is written in Russian. This can be considered a disadvantage. But this is also an advantage. You can translate the text into a foreign language and indicate your authorship and priority for a large group of readers
    The text is written so that it is easy to translate into foreign languages. In this case, the document is absolutely original. The scenario was written for the production of comics. But can be used in the production of animated films or TV shows or movies.
    Any user can write a wiki scenario. Just come up with a unique number and write new episodes of the scenario. There are few actors in this scenario. Jett is a former scientist and creator of a special-purpose cyber group. Central Command is a total structure that must control everything, manage everything, know everything.
    The Central Command suspects that Jett has obtained unique scientific results that will allow him to get out of control and gain access to an inexhaustible knowledge base.
    For many centuries, an inexhaustible knowledge base was considered fake. But the Central Command suspects that you can create an entrance to this base and Jett was able to do it
    In addition, the Central Command suspects that Jett was able to solve the problem of virtualization of human consciousness. This opened up opportunities for the preservation of knowledge and consciousness during the Big Bang.
    Quote: The Big Bang is a generally accepted cosmological model that describes the early development of the Universe, namely, the beginning of the expansion of the Universe, before which the Universe was in a singular state.
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